Initial Configuration

Based on TG - Tech:Server: Git

1. Connect equipment

Connect equipment as neccessary such that the encoder laptop is receiving a 1080i25 signal with embedded audio on a Decklink card.

Connection schematic as follows:

2. Set up encoder / recorder

Send a UDP stream to a reflector for further processing / transcoding / broadcast

./vlc -I dummy \
-v decklink:// vlc://quit --live-caching 3000 --sout \
'#duplicate{dst="display",dst="transcode{height=720,vcodec=h264,vb=3500,acodec=mp4a,aenc=fdkaac,ab=128,deinterlace}:std{access=udp,mux=ts,dst=<put target machine here>:6666}"'  \
--sout-x264-preset veryfast --sout-x264-tune film --sout-mux-caching 12000 --sout-x264-vbv-maxrate 7500 --sout-x264-vbv-bufsize 10000 --sout-avformat-options '{movflags=empty_moov+frag_keyframe+default_base_moof,frag_interleave=5}' --no-avcodec-dr --sout-x264-keyint 50 --sout-deinterlace-mode=linear

Send a UDP stream to