Status for the recordings from [[|Go Open 2008]]

Known issues

All recordings should have a short introduction with event and session name and date.

the last part of 20080408-goopen-felles-0900-austlid_dibona-aapning should be part of 20080408-goopen-felles-1100-solhjell-like_muligheter

20080408-goopen-felles-1100-solhjell-like_muligheter include two sessions.

the two *debatt* recordings should be glued together

20080408-goopen-felles-1730-debatt-part2 seem to include two sessions.

20080409-goopen-felles-1430-pedersen-aldri-god-alene-cam2.dv got some strange noise in the sound around 5 minutes out.

Fixed issues

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