Organisation status with Digistan

This summary page contain the status of each organization when it come to the Digistan definition:

There are three deciding factors here:

  1. The maintaining organisation is a not-for-profit entity.
  2. The ongoing development of standards within the organisation follow open decision-making procedures.
  3. All interested parties are allowed to have their say in the process.




The is a non-profit foundation with the expressed goal making free and open protocols and standards available. The inner working of the Foundation (as in board member list, or who control the foundation) are not easily available on the web. Some minutes from meetings are available from A list of board members from 2003 is available in . Petter have not seen any accounting information documenting how money is handled nor where is is spent in the foundation. It is not obvious for an external observer who control The Xiph foundation.

According to a report prepared by Audun Vaaler og Børre Ludvigsen for the Norwegian government, the Xiph foundation is a non-commercial organisation and the development process is open, transparent and non-Discrimatory. Until proven otherwise, it make most sense to believe the report is correct.



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