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[http://www.nuug.no/aktiviteter/20070508-relman-freeprogproj/ annonsering]

The Martin Michlmayr tour

NUUG invites [http://www.cyrius.com Martin Michlmayr] to Norway to talk about his Ph.D. work. He will visit Oslo, Grimstad, Stavanger and Bergen, and the tour is organized in coopeation with USIT at the University of Oslo, University College of Agder and Bergen Linux User Group.

Meeting shedule

  • 2007-05-08 15:00 USIT/UiO meeting, contact Petter Reinholdtsen
  • 2007-05-08 18:30 NUUG Oslo member meeting, contact Petter Reinholdtsen
  • 2007-05-09 14:15 HiA meeting, contact Mikael Snaprud
  • 2007-05-10 18:30 NUUG Stavanger member meeting, contact Morten Middelthon
  • 2007-05-11 19:00 BLUG member meeting, contact Peter M. N. Hansteen

[http://www.nuug.no/aktiviteter/20070508-relman-freeprogproj/ annonsering]

Travel plan

May 8th


11:00->13:10 plane LH 3142

May 9th


07:11->10:37 train (3 hours 26 minutes)

May 10th


10:40->15:01 train (4 hours 21 minutes)

May 11th


09:30->13:50 boat (4 hours 50 minutes)

May 12th


06:55->10:45 plane

[http://folk.uio.no/lrisan/ Lars Risan] will pick up Martin in Oslo and get him to Blindern before 15:00.


May 8th

Oslo, Thon Hotel Opera

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